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Books are priced at €3.00 each, but if you buy two, you get a third one free (three books for just €6.00!). If you have access to the internet, but can't get in to see us, we will be happy to deliver to you for a small sum.

From small beginnings Our story

Established around five years ago, our goal was to offer our customers a wide selection of books at a great price. Being an avid reader myself, I am always on the lookout for more books written by my favourite authors (and, of course, authoresses!).

On my rounds with The TPG I rake through boxes and shelves, none of which are in any kind of order. I also visit the excellent, 'proper' bookshops in Los Cristianos and Puerto Colon, where I have much more success, but am always surprised by how much people have to pay there.

Hence our Bookshop was born! We now have around 10,000 books, all ordered by author or 'genre' (Westerns, Sci-Fi, True Crime, War, Children's Books and so on).

Latest Books

  • A question of trust

    Vincenzi, Penny · · 1 in stock
  • Funny girl

    Hornby, Nick · · 1 in stock
  • The Girlfriend 9781509821525

    Frances, Michelle · Pan Books, 2017 · 1 in stock
  • Close to Home 9780241283097

    Hunter, Cara · Viking, 2017 · 1 in stock
  • Falling 9781447258711

    Green, Jane · 2017 · 1 in stock
  • Confessions 9780099567387

    Patterson, James · Random House, 2014 · 1 in stock
  • Munich 9781784751852

    Harris, Robert · Arrow, 2018 · 1 in stock
  • This Was a Man 9781447252269

    Archer, Jeffrey · Clifton Chronicles, 2017 · 1 in stock
  • Victory for the Shipyard Girls 9781787460225

    Revell, Nancy · Arrow, 2018 · 1 in stock
  • Return to Mandalay 9781782067627

    Ley, Rosanna · 2014 · 1 in stock
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